میری بیٹی || My Daughter

The midwife brings forward a wrinkly, yet fragile and beautiful baby.

If a hand were to touch it, the mark would remain engraved for a lifetime.

Bibi jaan, if you do not want the child I shall have it, I cannot have children

As she lowers the child in to the mother’s arms, they both weep and weep. They know of what is yet to come.

what is the gender of my child

The father stands with his head held high.

it is a girl again saahib

He remains silent, staring at his other two children; both holding his hands.

what do you mean again

your third child is also a girl saahib, you have yet another daughter

but I see two sons standing by my side, strong and independent. Full of kindness, manners, respect and elegance, full of love for their mother and an equal amount of love for their father. Why do you say ‘again’ like I am cursed. You make comparison between a son and a daughter, when you yourself have not heard the cry of a woman who cannot be a mother, and the silent cry of a man who loses his child in war. Why do you weep like I will beat you or kill my child. I have been given a gift from God; do you expect me to turn away and reject it. Astaghfirullah {I seek forgiveness from Allah (subhanahu-wa-ta’ala)}. It may seem that I have come across as upset and angry but, my lady, I became greedy, please forgive me. This child is a message from Him, He is telling me the doors of Jannah (heaven) have opened for me once again. It is now my duty to raise them like princesses in a palace, so that they may become Queens like you, my wife. Why do you whisper ”it is a girl’ when you know I cannot hear you, I want you to shout it from the highest mountain so it may reach the ears of the deaf; tell the world of my continuous blessings. Yes, if they may be envious, then I will allow you to whisper

The room remains silent. What the women feared had been merely in their heads.

The mother continues to weep.

Ya amar, may those be tears of joy and happiness. May the children of this world be the noor {light} of their parents’ eyes. Let us pray that Allah {subhanhu-wa-ta’ala} give the childless husband and wife sabr {patience} and the parents with children sabr {patience}. Aameen

The father walks out with his first two daughters in hand, and a smile on his face.

today, I will mourn celebrate the birth of my third child; a girl

“Whoever has three daughters, and shelters them, bearing their joys and sorrows with patience, Allah {subhanahu wa ta’ala} will admit him to Paradise by virtue of his compassion towards them.” A man asked, “What if he has only two, O Messenger of Allah?” He said, “Even if they are only two.” Another man asked, “What if he has only one, O Messenger of Allah?” He said, “Even if he has only one.”


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